Wing servo DS400 6mm Order no. 5100

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Product features:

- Digital servo with precision metal gears

- Housing completely made of aluminum with 3-point attachment

- high-quality coreless 7 mm motor

- Wing servo suitable for smaller models up to 1.2m wingspan

-Connection cable: JR 200mm

- suitable servo frame for installation (see picture):

Order no. 5100.80 servo frame for DS400


Technical specifications:

Dimensions approx.: 23x6x25.2 mm

Working voltage: DC5.0-8.4V

Gears: metal gears

Weight approx.: 9g

Actuating speed:

Stellgeschwindigkeit (5,0V): 0.14 sec/60°

Stellgeschwindigkeit (6,0V): 0.12 sec/60°

Stellgeschwindigkeit (7.4V): 0.10 sec/60°

Stellgeschwindigkeit (8.4V): 0.09 sec/60°


Stellkraft (5,0V): 3,0 kg/cm

Stellkraft (6,0V): 3,7 kg/cm

Stellkraft (7.4V): 4.2 kg/cm

Stellkraft (8.4V): 4.7 kg/cm

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