SIG KOVERALL covering lines 152cm x 183cm Order no. SIGKV002

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- Content: 1 pc.

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Technical description:

- Format 152cm x 183cm

- Color white

Koverall is a classic canvas covering that is used on man-carrying airplanes as well as specially adapted on model airplanes (42 g/m²). Koverall is used specifically on large models. Koverall is an uncoated polyester based shrinkable fabric. It is without adhesive layer. Koverall can be applied with Spannlack (spannfix colorless) or by using hot glue. If Koverall is stuck at the corners, it can be shrunk with an iron or a hair dryer. Seal Koverall with 1-2 coats of clear nitro lacquer then apply paint of your choice. Withstands all common paints such as enamel paint or epoxy.

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