KWIK FLY MK3 RC powered flight model quick assembly kit Order no. 4629

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Construction set made in Germany

Bauanleitung Kwik Fly MK3

Stückliste Baukasten Kwik Fly MK3

Explosionszeichnung Kwik Fly MK3

Praxistipp Anbringung Dekorbogen


Technical information:

The low-wing model Kwik Fly MK3 is a well-engineered construction that is one of the top class in terms of aeronautics. The flight characteristics are so well-balanced and uncritical that RC pilots who want to learn about aerobatics can easily use it as a training model.

The desired low cell weight of the model is taken into account both constructively and through specially selected, light balsa wood.

The prefabricated components contribute to the short construction time.

The canopy was newly manufactured and fits the fuselage in a form-fitting and precise manner.

The wingtips are hollowed out like the original and weight-optimized.

A quick-build plan (2 large plans) for the revised model is included.


Technical specifications:

Span approx. 1510 mm

Hull length approx. 1280 mm

Wing area approx. 42.4 dm²

Elevator volume approx. 9.8 dm²

Total area approx. 52.3 dm²

Flight weight depending on equipment from about 2700 g


Required accessories:

1397.3 Air Ultralight wheels with metal rim (contents 2 pieces)

a total of 3 wheels are required for the nose and main landing gear


4629.137 Nose gear and main gear, nickel plated


a) combustion version:

KWIK FLY MK3 Tank 250ml Best.-Nr. 136

Motor OS MAX-55AX

Air screw G-Sonic air screw 1314.12x8, order no. 1314.12X8

KWIK FLY MK3 spinner aluminium/plastic 63mm Order no.128


b) Electroversion:

Propeller G-Sonic 1314.12x10


Motor recommendation electric motor AXI 4120/20 V2

LiPo battery 5 cells


Two large updated blueprints are included with the quick build kit.

Original Kwik Fly MK3 quick build plan sold separately

(not required to build the model)


Recommendation RC components:

GRAUPNER Receiver GR-16 2.4 GHZ HoTT Order no. 33508 (1 pc.)

GRAUPNER Servo DES 707 BB MG Digital Order no. 7945

(4 pcs. Electric version / 5 pcs. combustion version)


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