MIDDLE STICK RC powered flight model quick assembly kit Order no. 4631

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Made in Germany




Two large updated blueprints are included with the quick build kit.


Required accessories:


1397.3 Air Ultralight wheels with metal rim (contents 2 pieces)

a total of 3 wheels are required for the nose and main landing gear


4631.137 Nose and main landing gear, nickel-plated


The Middle Stick kit does not come with a set of decals.

Order no. 4631.14Middle Stick set of decals


a) combustion version:

Tank 250ml Best.-Nr. 136

Motor OS MAX-55AX

Air screw G-Sonic air screw 1314.12x8, order no. 1314.12X8

Spinner aluminium/plastic 63mm Order no.128


b) Electroversion:

Propeller G-Sonic 1314.12x6

Spinner aluminium/plastic 63mm Order no.128

E-Engine actro-n brushless 35-4-1100 Best.-Nr. 7003/10

Regler actrocon 6060A / 2-6S LiPo

LiPo battery 5 cells


Technical information:

Aerobatic model in vintage look for engines of approx. 6.5 ccm

The RC high-wing aircraft MIDDLE STICK is a development based on documents from the American model flight expert and former world champion Phil Kraft.

MIDDLE STICK is a well-balanced construction that meets the trend towards handy flying models in terms of size and design.

The model is also ideally suited as an aerobatic trainer for less experienced model pilots.

The deliberately simple structure and the largely prefabricated components contribute to shortening the construction time. The glued, pre-bent hull side parts are particularly worth mentioning here.

Decorative strips made of self-adhesive polyester foil, checkerboard pattern, are available in two widths for the exclusive decoration of the model.

MIDDLE STICK can also be used as a seaplane model.


Technical specifications:

Span approx. 1400 mm

Hull length approx. 980 mm

Wing area approx. 39.8 dm²

Elevator volume approx. 8.0 dm²

Total area approx. 47.8 dm²

Flight weight depending on equipment from approx. 2300 g


Recommendation RC components:

GRAUPNER Receiver GR-16 2.4 GHZ HoTT Order no. 33508 (1 pc.)

GRAUPNER Servo DES 707 BB MG Digital Order no. 7945

(4 pcs. Electric version / 5 pcs. combustion version)


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