MIDDLE STICK set of decals Order no. 4631.14

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Made in Germany



Set of decals for fuselage, wing and tail.

Important: The MIDDLE STICK kit (Order No. 4631) is included no Set of decals included.



1 set of decal sheet MIDDLE STICK 'fuel-resistant' (4 pieces)

consisting of:

1) Decal sheet fuselage format approx. 920 x 100 mm, white, incl. transfer film

2) Decal sheet MIDDLE STICK name for wing and fuselage format 450 x 95 mm

black, incl. transfer film

3) Decal sheet area format approx. 760 x 220 mm, black, incl. transfer film

4) Decal sheet elevator 425 x 160 mm, black, incl. transfer film

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